Boosting your athletic performance

Did you know: A specific daily probiotic can improve your athletic performance and recovery time ? 

 Are you sick and tired of viral and bacterial infections, not to mention yet another upper respiratory tract infection (URTI)  preventing you from competing in your next marathon or cycle race?

An athlete’s body is like a well-oiled machine but unfortunately it tends to be susceptible to picking up infections before, during or after performing.

Strenuous exercise seems to cause a temporary decrease in immune system function where the body produces certain hormones, for example: cortisol and adrenaline,that temporarily lower immunity. Research shows that if you do high-intensity endurance exercise for more than 90 minutes, the athlete can be susceptible to illness for up to 72 hours after the exercise session. After strenuous exercise the immune system is suppressed making athletes more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections.

The Problems

Due to the stress of high-intensity training, athletes have very high nutrient requirements. They require a large intake of both protein and carbohydrates which can negatively affect the gut microbiota. This leads to a whole host of gut issues that dramaticly affect immune function, metabolism, muscle mass, body composition and endurance.
If the gut is not functioning properly and cannot absorb enough vital minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium, your muscles will seize, causing fatigue and muscle failure.This is the reason we say, “Always start with your gut”.


Probiotics are live bacteria that balance the good bacteria in your gut, keeping your immune system functioning optimally and providing powerful benefits for your entire body and your brain.

Specific Probiotics improve digestion, maximise absorption of nutrients, strengthen the immune system, maintain healthy gastrointestinal tract function, control inflammation that helps with injury recovery and play a vital role in speeding up the recovery from fatigue.

The Solution

MiBiotix Active AC is a specific formula of probiotics that supports immune function and results in improved athletic performance, recovery and overall health.

Some well-controlled studies in athletes have indicated that daily ingestion of MiBiotix Active AC results in fewer days of respiratory illness and lower severity of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symp­toms.

MiBiotix Active AC, taken once a day, is made up of 5 Billion CFU’s of L. acidophilus NFCM and B. lactis Bi-07.

MiBiotix Active AC is a natural, safe and effective means to maintain and improve health. 

Remember to “Always start with your gut”.

Since I started taking MiBiotix Active AC I feel that my performance has improved and, touch wood, I have not had a cold or flu for a while now, which is such a bonus as I was constantly having to stop training until I fully recovered!
Anne Smith, Marathon runner
Table View, Cape Town