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What People Say

My weightloss journey is an interesting experience. I was hospitalised last year for 4 months and picked up 24 Kilo's. It made me very depressed and anxious because my clothes jumped 3 sizes and I was permanently tired. When I arrived back in Cape Town all my friends and family commented that I picked up weight and the comments even made me more anxious and depressed. I started with jo-jo dieting and that stuffed up my sleeping as well as my moods and my blood pressure went all over the charts. I had IBS permanently due to wrong eating habits and the stress trying to loose weight. In September when I visited Greece I went to see a Dr that specialises in self healing and he suggested eating plan changes, exercise and meditation. I came back to Cape Town and started investigating personal trainers that not only trains but that can assist in correct nutrition and support. My happiest day was on the 8th of October when I came across Mi-Movement in Durbanville. Dean and Chrystal Mason that has 30 years of experience in body training, fitness and nutrition. Chrystal did a full assesment on me and advised immediate supplementation, exercise and Correct eating. My body was completely accidic and I had to first get my body in a alkaline state to block more potential infection around my kidneys. I had to buy HMT powder and had to take it 3 times a day and every morning do a Keto Stick with first urine to see my accidity levels. I then had to follow a low carb Diet, no diary and no satturated fats. Lots of water and small portion foods 6 times a day. Crystal suggested a probiotic and that is when I heard that Mibiotix Shape and Mibiotix Regular from Kenza Health is available. I started my exercise program and my eating plan with my Shape and Regular and in 2 weeks my bloatiness was gone and I started feeling more energised. I did my assesment with Crystal and happy to say I lost a pants size in just over 3 weeks. My kidney area became less bloated as well as my stomach. It is now 2 months later and I lost 17 centimetres around my hips and stomach. I have more energy and I am not depressed. I am a very happy female on Shape and Regular. I drink my 8 glasses of water a day. I exercise 3 times a week with Crystal and I walk 3 times a day I have not felt bloated since I am on Mibiotix Regular and Shape. I feel happy and motivated. I drink my Alkaline powder to make sure my body stays in Ketosis. I make sure I stay on my eating plan. My results are incredible so far.
Many years ago, as a result of nasal septum surgery, I contracted a pseudomonas infection of my nasal and sinus cavities. The infection was treated with multiple oral antibiotics followed by intravenous antibiotics after which it cleared up. After these treatments my immunity was compromised and I suffered from candida infections. I was continually ill and suffered from extreme fatigue. Initial probiotic treatment improved my condition but I never fully overcame my health issues. After using MiBiotx PREMIUM PLUS PP I found that, for the first time in years, I really felt better. I am sleeping well and my energy levels are improving. I am hopeful that by taking this product I will, at last, fully recover after many years of suffering continued health issues.
MiBiotix REGUALR RM is an amazing product, in just a month of taking the capsule once a day it has changed my life. Before I used to spend two or more days without visiting the loo but since I started taking it, I visit the loo more than once a day. I do not feel blotted like I used to. I am really thankful to MiBiotix REGUALR RM capsules for changing my life. Now I can wear my favourite clothes they fit me. I am so grateful. Thank you MiBiotix…
In January I started using the MiBiotix SHAPE SP from Kenza Health, thinking that I can’t lose anything just to take a capsule daily as it’s a natural ingredient. Also thinking that it can’t really work. But boy was I mistaken. I did lose something, I lost centimetres and 5.2kg in the 2 months I’m using it now. I’ve came down from a size 44 to size 40 without changing anything in my lifestyle. I’m not exercising or eating differently, just using MiBiotix SHAPE SP. All my friends are asking me what am I doing to lose weight and I’m telling them my secret. But maybe I should stop telling them because I’m scared they’ll soon look better than me again, when they start using it too.
I used MiBiotix SHAPE SP for the period 01/12/2018 to 31/12/2018. During this period I lost +- 6kg without any side effects. As it was Christmas it was quite difficult to keep up with the diet plan and I still lost the kg’s without any problems.
I am a very active person, exercise daily and eat a well-balanced diet but was struggling to lose the belly fat that I have picked up over the years. Since I started taking MiBiotix SHAPE SP about a month ago I can already feel that I have lost weight especially around my waist and I can feel that my clothes feel a lot more comfortable.
Since I started taking MiBiotix ACTICE AC my performance has improved and, touch wood, I have not had a cold or flu for a while now, which is such a bonus as I was constantly having to stop training until I fully recovered!

Did you know

80% of consumers think you only need to take probiotics while on antibiotic treatment.