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Probiotics play a unique role in the prevention of toxins leaking from the gut into our bloodstream, causing various conditions including a leaky brain! Daleen Totten interviews health specialist, Dr Anton Janse van Rensburg, if all probiotics are made equally and if they are actually effective during antibiotic treatment.

Kenza Health put together a range of probiotic products: MiBiotix. Is this really necessary? Daleen Totten interviews gut specialist and MD, Dr Anton Janse van Rensburg, and asks his opinion. He shares the latest in probiotic research and details on specific strains of probiotics for specific conditions. Why can’t we just take any probiotic? Do they really survive on the shelf? Is it possible for a probiotic to survive an antibiotic? What are the benefits of probiotics on heart health, the elderly, in athletes and pregnant women? Can probiotics really assist in weight loss and inflammation?

Daleen Totten interviews Dr Anton Janse Van Rensburg on the most important supplement you and your baby should be taking during pregnancy.