Are you confused when you stand in front of the Probiotics shelf and all you see are rows of product not saying anything staring back at you?

Well, no more!

Introducing MiBiotix – a range of Condition Specific Probiotics that are taking South Africa by storm!

Almost 2 500 years ago, the Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates stated that


    and he was absolutely correct!

    When gut balance is out of sync the simple fact is you get sick.

    MiBiotix is the first condition specific range of probiotics to be launched in South Africa.

    For a century, non-specific probiotics have been used to treat IBS, colic and used in conjunction with taking antibiotics but now the MiBiotix range is revolutionising the supplement industry, by targeting a variety of specific conditions and users such as immunity, pregnancy, obesity, heart health, auto immune diseases, sports performance, constipation, women, seniors and depression to name a few.

    What are probiotics and what do they do?

    It has been estimated that there are between 500 to 1000 different microbial species in the gastrointestinal tract, the greatest concentration of bacteria in the human body.  While some of these bacteria are beneficial, others may be damaging your gut causing an imbalance of intestinal microflora.

    The imbalance can have serious negative effects on the digestive and immune systems. This is the reason the microflora in the gut must be kept in balance by keeping the levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut up.  This can be achieved by introducing probiotics into the digestive tract to create the correct balance of bacteria.

    Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that balance the bacteria in your gut, keeping your digestive system functioning optimally and providing powerful benefits for your entire body and your brain.

    They help protect us against Pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites) and they also help in the absorption of all our nutrients. They also assist in the production of enzymes and maintain healthy bowel movements.

    What is so great about Condition Specific Probiotics?

    Just as multivitamins are not created equal, nor are condition specific probiotics.
    Condition specific probiotics are made up of different bacteria strains to target specific users and conditions.
    For example, MiBiotix Women VG, is made up of a specific formula of probiotics that have been clinically proven to prevent bacterial and fungal vaginal infections and maintain a healthy vaginal microflora.
    Another example is MiBiotix Heart Health HH.
    Clinical trials have shown that the active ingredient, L. fermentum ME-3 in MiBiotix Heart Health HH, reduces the oxidation of blood lipids, particularly the levels of ox-LDL (oxidised low-density lipoprotein), making it perfect for prevention of cardiovascular disease.
    And then there is MiBiotix Shape SP that has been clinically proven to cut your waist size while speeding up your metabolism.
    Each line in the MiBiotix range is made up of different types of strains of bacteria catering for your everyday health needs. Not all strains are the same and different strains provide different benefits for varying conditions.
    The MiBiotix range is safe to use daily for adults and children and is gluten and dairy free

    Remember to “Always start with your gut”.